Recover Quicker from Flood Disasters with Flood Insurance

Houston, TX is no stranger to flood disasters. Hundreds, if not thousands, of homeowners have been victims of flooding within the last few years. By purchasing flood insurance, you can protect yourself against flood risks. Modern Risk Management offers flood insurance protection to homeowners in Houston and surrounding areas.

Importance of Flood Coverage

Home insurance protects you from a variety of disasters. This includes water damage that may occur due to a broken pipe or other plumbing problem in your home. Flood damage caused by outside water sources, however, such as rising rivers and lakes, melting snow, or ocean surges, is NOT covered by your home insurance policy. That kind of protection comes from flood insurance.

Flooding can occur almost anywhere, even if you don’t reside in a “flood zone.” And there’s no telling how much damage a flood can cause. It doesn’t take much water to ruin the foundation or interior of a home. Without flood coverage, you’ll bear the brunt of paying for flood damages. You could suffer financial ruin if you don’t have the monetary resources to do so.

Recover Quicker from Flood Disasters

Flood insurance offers both dwelling and contents coverage to protect your home and belongings. You can purchase dwelling coverage up to $250,000. You can protect your goods for up to $100,000. Flood insurance provides financial support to help you recuperate your losses after a flood disaster. This support can help you recover quicker from flood damage to move on. Flood insurance can’t prevent floods, but it can help save you from substantial financial loss. 

To learn more about flood insurance coverage in Houston, TX, or to purchase a flood policy, contact your Modern Risk Management agent today!