Insurance For The Hurricane Season

If you live on the Gulf coast, then windstorms and hail are excluded as perils from standard homeowners insurance policies. There are three facets that Modern Risk Management serving Houston, TX, would like you to consider when it comes to hurricane season.

Causes of Damage

A hurricane is a force of nature and can cause damage in a few different ways. They may cause flooding and wind-driven water damage, and there is the possibility of hail. If your standard home insurance policy excludes any of these, you need to purchase additional windstorm and hail insurance and flood insurance.

What is TWIA?

TWIA stands for Texas Wind Insurance Association, and if you live in Harris County on Galveston Bay, you can possibly purchase insurance from them through private insurers. Some requirements need to be met before you can buy insurance from them. You should already have a flood insurance policy in place, and you may be subject to an inspection by a windstorm inspector.

Combination and Preparation!

Living in Houston, TX requires a combined approach to insuring your home and its contents adequately. If possible, you need to combine home insurance, flood insurance, and windstorm and hail insurance. You need to review the covered perils in each policy to make sure you are correctly insured.

Once a hurricane has entered the Gulf, it is too late to get insurance. Hurricane season is from July to November each year, and many homes and assets are at risk. Keep a detailed inventory list and your insurance cards safely, and make sure they are readily available if you have to evacuate quickly.

Speak to Modern Risk Management today and assess your risk when it comes to your home! Don’t be blown out of your home without financial protection.