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Renters Insurance In Texas

Everyone in Texas knows about automobile, homeowners and health insurance. However, one lesser-known type of insurance of which everyone should be aware of is renter’s insurance. Modern Risk Management offers these three reasons that you should consider buying renters insurance in Houston, TX.

1. Your personal property isn't covered by the landlord's policy.

Even though your landlord probably has an insurance policy on the apartment or home that you are renting, that policy will only cover the dwelling itself. Insurance policies that cover rental units work completely differently from a typical homeowner's insurance policies. If there is a fire, storm, or burglary, his policy will repair or replace the building that you live in, but it will not be able to replace or repair your possessions in a building that was damaged or burglarized

2. You may have thousands of dollars invested in your stuff.

Think about how much money you have invested in your personal possessions. Your jewelry, electronics, furniture, or collectibles may represent an investment of thousands of dollars. Most people don't have several thousand dollars lying around to replace items that may go missing. A renter’s insurance policy can help you recoup your losses if there is a problem at your rental unit.

3. You will want to replace your damaged or missing items as soon as you can.

Most of the time, it takes people several years to collect the furnishings, electronics, and other personal possessions that they have in their homes. If there is a fire in your rental unit, you will need to replace your clothing, furnishings, and other items as soon as possible so that you can go on with your life. A rental insurance policy can quickly get you the money that you need to start over after a burglary or other issue in your Texas rental unit.

If you think you need renter’s insurance in Houston, TX, stop in to see one of the helpful agents at Modern Risk Management to evaluate your coverage needs. We can answer all your questions and help you make the correct decision for your situation.

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