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RV Insurance In Texas

In the Great State of Texas, there are countless areas to explore. This is why so many invest in an RV so that they can enjoy the outdoors and adventure whenever the mood strikes. RVs though need to be covered with an insurance policy before you ever head out. At Modern Risk Management, our team works with Texas RV owners throughout the Houston, TX area to get the needed protection in place.

In Texas, RVs are required to have liability coverage. Similar to an auto policy but there are some distinctive features. An RV is considered to be both a home and a vehicle. The policy will also vary based on RVs size and weight. Larger RVs that are used for long periods are typically Class A. Class B includes camper vans. The majority of

RVs are midsized and fall into Class C

Our agents will talk with you about policy options that include replacement costs if the RV is stolen or totaled in an accident. You’ll also want policy protection for any exterior accessories such as awnings or a satellite dish. Your personal possessions should also be covered. This will include personal items and include sporting equipment and outdoor gear. Lastly, our agents will talk with you about how often you plan to use the RV. If your family only uses it once a year, let us know. It will help us determine which products and coverage amounts are best for your situation.

Our agents at Modern Risk Management work with RV owners throughout the Houston, TX area. We know that there are many great places to explore in Texas. General information on our website is a great way to start considering your coverage options. When you’re ready, call or come by our offices. Our agents can explain in detail the coverage that they recommend. An RV is an investment. Make sure that it is protected today!

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