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Health/Dental/Vision Insurance In Texas

Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance plans might be a better option for you if the marketplace insurance policies aren’t a good fit. With a private health insurance plan that is “off-exchange” or “off-marketplace” you can often find larger PPO networks of doctors and they often provide national coverage. Some private health insurance plans will still cover pre-existing conditions just like the marketplace and some private plans offer lower prices based on your health.

Marketplace Health Insurance

Marketplace health insurance plans are often the most comprehensive coverage available to purchase. Most States still use the federal marketplace ( which I am a certified agent for. These health insurance policies provide free preventative care, cover pre-existing conditions, and the pricing can be based on your income. Depending on the county you live in, there might be anywhere from 1 to 10 companies available to purchase a plan from and anywhere from 5 to 200+ different plans available. We help people every day determine which plan is the best for their needs.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance helps cover the cost of the routine preventative care that is so important to our overall health. A dental plan can also protect you financially from unexpected dental work that can sometimes be quite costly. There are many different dental insurance companies and plans available. Some are definitely better than others, but it also depends on what is important to you. Most dental insurance companies will start providing price breaks for family plans with 3+ members on the policy. This can be very helpful for large families.

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance helps you to stay on top of your routine eye exams and offer allowances and discounted rates for contacts, lenses and other vision services.

Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental insurance coverage will help pay for your out of pocket costs related to accidental injuries. Accident plans are often referred to as deductible protection. These plans help cover your deductible and your maximum-out-of-pocket on your medical plan. A lot of medical plans have deductibles that are several thousand dollars per person and even have over $8000 maximum out of pocket. With these high out of pocket costs, accidental injury coverage can save you thousands of dollars in medical bills if an unforeseen accidental injury happens. Everyone should have some sort of accidental coverage. The cost of an accidental medical expense policy is minimal and can be used as a stand alone policy or combined with other individual or group health insurance coverage. There are different types of accident plans available. Depending on your concerns and your health plan, some accident policies will be better than others.

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