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Flood Insurance In Texas

When the budget is tight, many people look for ways to cut on their bills and closely examine all expenditures to make sure that each one is necessary. If you are considering buying flood insurance in Houston, TX, you definitely want to know that it is not a waste of money. Here are several reasons from Modern Risk Management why flood insurance might be a good idea for your family.

1. Homeowners and renter’s insurance probably won't cover flood damage.

If water from the outside comes into your home, most homeowner's insurance policies will not cover the damage to your home or possessions. That means that you will have to pay out of pocket to replace your things and repair your Texas home.

2. What if you live in a low-risk area?

Did you know that, according to FEMA, about 20 percent of flood claims occur on properties that are not in flood-prone areas? So even if you live in a low-risk area, you could still suffer flood damage in Texas. The nice thing about living in a place that is at low risk for flooding is that buying a flood policy will probably be fairly inexpensive.

3. Flood damage is expensive to repair.

Just an inch of water in the average-sized home in the United States can cost the homeowner over 25,000 dollars to repair. Flooding can do more than simply ruin the carpet. A flood can destroy wood flooring if you don't dry it out quickly, warp baseboards and drywall, and ruin a home's electrical system. Not only that, floodwater can cause dampness in a home that, in turn, can cause mold and mildew which must be addressed to make a home livable.

If you want to discuss buying flood insurance for your home with a knowledgeable agent in Houston, TX, contact Modern Risk Management today. Their agents will be glad to talk about what you need and how to get it at the best possible rate.

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