Protect Your Assets with Umbrella Isurance in Texas

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Many of your Houston, TX neighbors are taking advantage of adding umbrella insurance coverage to their insurance policies.

If you’ve never heard of umbrella insurance, it is a form of liability insurance that extends the coverage of existing home and auto insurance policies. This "add-on" insurance can help you protect your assets from unexpected financial losses. Houston area homeowners with active insurance policies can add on extended coverages to pay when their current policies end. 

The insurance experts at Modern Risk Management in Houston, TX can explain the benefits and coverage of umbrella insurance policies in Texas. 

Why Texas Homeowners Should Have Umbrella Insurance to Protect Their Assets

Texas is no stranger to inclement weather, including severe thunderstorms and coastal hurricanes that cause millions of dollars in damage because of flooding each year. 

Umbrella insurance can help protect Texas families from financial losses related to natural disasters, car accidents, personal injury lawsuits, and other monetary damages that threaten your bank account. 

Texas umbrella insurance policyholders have peace of mind in knowing that they have additional insurance coverage to extend the limits of their current policies.

This add-on insurance can cover personal liability claims, property damage, and personal injury claims. In addition, umbrella insurance can help you and other covered policyholders cover legal fees, court costs, and other unexpected expenses related to a legal lawsuit filed against you.  

Get Umbrella Insurance in Texas

Don’t wait until an accident or natural disaster happens and threatens your savings. Instead, get an umbrella insurance quote from the experts at Modern Risk Management in Houston, TX.

Our knowledgeable insurance partners can help you and your family choose the best umbrella insurance plan to meet your needs.