Hurricane Preparedness and Boat Insurance in Houston

If you reside in or near Houston, TX, encountering a hurricane is likely. Boats, in particular, can be at risk. Make sure not to be underinsured!

Hurricane Risks in Houston

Historically, the Houston area has experienced several hurricanes, including recent instances such as:

  • Hurricane Harvey in 2017
  • Hurricane Ike in 2008
  • Tropical Storm Allison in 2001

These storms led to significant flooding, which caused many boats to be destroyed by high winds and rising waters.

Hurricane-Related Boat Damages

Boat damage is almost inevitable during hurricanes. Storm surges can result in:

  • Boats being lifted off their moorings
  • Collisions between vessels
  • Grounding
  • Capsizing
  • Submersion of marinas
  • Flooding-related damage to electrical systems

Hurricane winds can also cause damages like:

  • Torn sails
  • Damaged hulls
  • Dislodged equipment
  • Collisions from flying debris
  • Collisions with neighboring vessels

Boat Insurance to Cover Hurricane Damages

It is important to have the right coverage to address potential hurricane damages appropriately. You should have:

  • Storm surge coverage
  • Wind damage coverage
  • Emergency towing and salvage

If you lack these critical types of hurricane coverage, you might have to deal with major expenses if your boat gets destroyed.

Additional Hurricane Preparation Tips for Boat Owners

Use additional lines when mooring your boat. You might even want to double up on lines for extra resilience.

Remove any sails or canopies. Ensure all hatches and ports are closed. Make sure your bilge pumps are operational, and the batteries are fully charged.

Keeping track of all your documents is also crucial so you’re prepared to deal with the aftermath. If you’d like to discuss your coverage options in Houston, TX, please get in touch with Modern Risk Management. We’re here to help!

Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Customer Injury as a result of a Natural Disaster?

If you’re a business owner or a homeowner who has frequent guests and lives in an area susceptible to natural disasters, it’s a good idea to learn more about umbrella insurance. We encourage you to contact Modern Risk Management, serving Houston, TX, and let our team assist you. We can help you get the security you need to protect your assets.  

Umbrella Insurance Protection

Umbrella insurance can actually be a great addition for one to have in cases such as a natural disaster where a customer has suffered injuries. Unlike most regular insurance policies, umbrella insurance aims to provide you with extra liability coverage to cover you for more than what you would normally be offered. When a customer on your property has an accident caused by a natural disaster and begins to deploy the legal system by taking action against you, umbrella insurance helps pay the associated lawyer fees, medical treatment, and possible damages.

Nonetheless, it matters to really read your policy wording to ascertain how wide your coverage will be in such situations. If you have a business and are very conscious of the risk of losing money and reputation, it’s good to seek the advice of an insurance professional to guide you on how to get adequate protection and cover your financial risk. 

Umbrella Insurance Near Houston, TX

If you would like to find out more about what we have to offer our customers at Modern Risk Management, don’t hesitate to contact us. We take pride in helping the residents of the Houston, TX, area get the coverage they need to create a blanket of protection from the unexpected. 

Underinsurance Epidemic: Closing the Coverage Gap in Life Insurance

Eliminating the Gap – Essential for Life Insurance Coverage

Many individuals in Houston, TX, lack sufficient life insurance coverage, leaving them susceptible to financial distress in case of unexpected death. Addressing this life insurance coverage gap is essential to protecting households from economic hardship.

Unpacking the Coverage Gap

The life insurance coverage gap is the difference between an individual’s current insurance coverage and the amount they need to fulfill their financial responsibilities and care for their dependents in case of their death. Many people either underestimate their life insurance needs or avoid obtaining coverage, leaving themselves and their dependents financially vulnerable.

Contributions to Underinsurance

Various factors contribute to the underinsurance issue, including misconceptions about the cost of life insurance, lack of awareness about the necessity of coverage, and other financial priorities. Additionally, complex medical underwriting conditions can discourage many from seeking life insurance.

Educating Consumers, Empowering Choices

Addressing the underinsurance issue requires educating and enabling consumers about the significance of life insurance. This education should help them make well-informed decisions regarding their coverage needs and should include information on the variety of life insurance plans and their benefits.

Innovations in Insurance Products

Insurance providers are investigating innovative ways to make life insurance more accessible and affordable. One approach is to introduce streamlined issue policies that simplify the underwriting procedure and offer coverage without comprehensive medical exams or health questionnaires.

Collective Efforts to Close Coverage Gap

Eliminating the life insurance coverage gap necessitates collaborative efforts from multiple stakeholders, such as insurers, financial advisors, policymakers, and consumer advocacy organizations. By promoting financial literacy and devising innovative insurance solutions, these stakeholders can ensure that more people have access to suitable insurance protection for themselves and their families. For more information about life insurance, Modern Risk Management is here to answer your questions in the Houston, TX region. Reach out to us today.

How to file for Health Insurance

So you’ve decided you need health insurance, but you’re not quite sure where to start. Rest assured, it won’t be difficult at all. With modern technology, filing for health insurance has never been easier. You can get an account online. This may mean creating an account, so develop a good password. 

If you need a little help, you can use your zip code to find people and organizations that aid people in filing for health insurance. This includes translation assistance and being in person if needed. 

You can apply for and enroll in a plan through an appropriate enrollment partner. This would be an insurance company or an online health insurance vendor. 

You can also do this over the phone. A call center can help you complete an application and review your choices. Enrollment will naturally follow. 

Do you want to use old-fashioned paper and snail mail? That’s still possible. You’ll get the results in about two weeks. 

Remember to have all the necessary information ready, no matter how you decide to apply for health insurance. In addition to your name and date of birth, the application will ask for information about the people in your household. You will need the home and/or mailing address of everyone applying for coverage and basic information. 

If you are in Houston, TX, and need health insurance, please consider Modern Risk Management. We proudly serve Houston, TX, and will do all we can to help you apply for the health insurance you need. You can count on us to be with you every step of the way. 


Does a Business Operating from My Home Need Insurance Coverage?

All businesses must carry adequate commercial insurance in case of liability, loss, damage, etc. More and more companies are starting from home, and some remain there even after they’ve become established. What are the rules regarding commercial insurance requirements when operating a business from your home in Houston, TX? Here is a brief explanation that could help. 

Location Doesn’t Matter

Regardless of where your business is located, even if it’s located in your home, you must obtain commercial insurance coverage. This is especially true if you have a company vehicle, but liability coverage is essential even if you don’t. You can never predict when someone might sue your business, and if they’re awarded damages, you’ll need to pay out of pocket without insurance. Paying a lawsuit out of pocket could cause you to end up bankrupt, which is only one example of why commercial insurance is important. Before obtaining quotes for commercial insurance coverage, you need to register your business if you haven’t already and get all your business documents in order. Determine what your business is worth in advance, as this will help you ensure you’re obtaining enough coverage. 

So, if you’re seeking a new insurance provider that provides coverage for Houston, TX, businesses, you should consider us at Modern Risk Management. At Modern Risk Management, we are proud to provide top-notch service to everyone purchasing policies through our agency. We try to keep our rates affordable while offering the absolute best coverage. Call us today so one of our licensed insurance agents can provide you with a quote and get you on your way to being covered.

Shopping Around for Home Insurance? What to Look For

Your homeowner’s insurance policy is there for you when covered events occur. Whether it’s a lightning strike, a burglary, or a windstorm, your homeowner’s insurance policy is there to help you during the recovery process. This means that shopping for the right home insurance policy is important.

It’s essential to have the right amount of coverage for the right price, and getting a policy from an agency that treats you well is important. At Modern Risk Management in Houston, TX, we help homeowners find the policy that will serve them well when the time comes. Here’s what you need to know. 

Affordable Policy

Find a policy that you can afford by shopping around and comparing policies. When you get a policy from Modern Risk Management in Houston, TX, we work with multiple carriers, meaning we can shop around for you. We’ll help you find the most affordable insurance policy.

One way you can reduce your policy’s cost is by choosing a higher deductible. This is a good option if you can afford to pay the higher deductible when a covered event occurs. 

Excellent Customer Service

Working with an insurance agency that offers good customer service is important. Please make a note when you call the agency of the way they treat their customers. Do they answer the phone right away? Are they able to answer questions quickly and with accuracy? These important details can help you decide if this is the right insurance agency. 

Know What’s Covered and What Isn’t

It’s essential to get the right amount of coverage for your home. The team at Modern Risk Management in Houston, TX can help you determine which policies offer the right amount of coverage for the size and value of your property. Do you need a homeowners insurance policy? Call today to get started. 

Which homeowners’ insurance perils coverage do you need?

When you purchase home insurance for a single-family home, you can choose the level of perils coverage in your policy. In this blog, Modern Risk Management offers a quick guide to perils coverage for Houston, TX homes.

What is a peril?

In insurance, the term peril refers to a damaging event, such as a fire or tornado. A break-in or vandalism also qualifies as a peril.

Perils Covered in Home Insurance

Home insurance consists of four levels of perils coverage for single-family homes – three named peril levels, HO-1, HO-2, and HO-8, plus an all-perils level, HO-3. One form, HO-5, offers all-perils coverage and additional coverage types.

Named peril coverage means that it covers any peril specifically mentioned in the policy. HO-1 policies cover ten perils, while HO-2 policies cover 15 perils. If you want to know that no matter what happens, your policy will cover the damage repair or theft, choose at least the HO-3  form of coverage.

When to Make Your Decision

Each homeowner must choose which level of coverage they want to purchase at the outset of buying an insurance policy. You can amend a policy at a later date, but it won’t apply retroactively. If a peril damaged the home on the 11th of a month, updating the policy on the 12th won’t cover the damage. It will ensure that if the same situation occurs again, the policy will cover the damage on the second event.

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Call or email Modern Risk Management today to consult an insurance agent about updating your home insurance. Don’t let your Houston, TX home go unprotected or under-protected. Contact us today!

Can I use my Houston, TX flood insurance as soon as I purchase it?

Your Houston, TX home insurance and renters insurance cover some natural disasters. Unfortunately, flooding is not one of the natural disasters that is covered under a standard policy. That is why it is so important to have a policy so that your family doesn’t suffer if something happens. At Modern Risk Management, we can help you find a policy to meet your needs.

When To Purchase Flood Insurance

If you think there is not much risk of flooding, you may decide to wait. That could cause you to lose out on the ability to use flood insurance because almost all flood insurance policies have a waiting period of 30 days.

Exceptions To the 30-Day Waiting Period

There are some exceptions to the waiting period:

  1. You would probably not need to wait 30 days if you added flood insurance while creating your policy, renewing it, or increasing your overall policy.
  2. You can probably waive the period if you add the extra coverage to your renewal bill.
  3. There is also a rare exception for some homes recently affected by wildfire. 
  4. Another unusual exception may apply to homes recently added to high-risk flood areas.

Don’t Wait To Protect Your Home

The water can destroy the structure even if a flood leaves your home standing. Water can cause permanent damage quickly, cracking your foundation, interfering with your electrical system, and destroying everything inside your home. Mold and mildew can start growing within 24 to 48 hours, leading to additional health hazards. 

Without flood insurance, you will be responsible for paying for the damages to your Houston, TX home. If you have any questions about flood insurance or would like to add a policy, please call Modern Risk Management today.

I have a small online business with no employees. Do I need commercial insurance?

Commercial insurance carries many benefits for business owners. Whether your business is large or small, commercial insurance provides vital protection. Small business owners may feel that commercial insurance isn’t necessary. However, the team at Modern Risk Management is committed to helping small Houston, TX business owners understand the benefits of commercial/business insurance.

What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is insurance for businesses. It can be customized to fit the unique needs of a business. Commercial insurance protects business owners, the business itself/business property, employees, and customers. Companies can take advantage of liability coverage, which provides protection from lawsuits, as well as property and bodily injury coverage. Your coverage includes coverage for natural disasters, accidents, financial loss, lawsuits, vandalism, and more. Any insurance is designed to provide protection and compensation for the insured. Business owners have a vested interest in protecting their assets. Commercial insurance provides the tools to protect, maintain, and grow their businesses.

I have a small online business with no employees. Do I need commercial insurance?

Yes. Even online business owners can benefit from commercial insurance. Commercial insurance can provide cybersecurity protection for your business. If you sell products online, cybersecurity protection can provide protection for your online purchases. However, the protection doesn’t stop there. If you sell online, commercial insurance can also provide liability protection if your products harm a customer. Liability protection can also help with property damage and protect your products while in transit to your customers. If you provide delivery to local customers, commercial auto insurance can protect your company vehicles as well. There are many benefits available to online business owners that may be surprising to know. Commercial insurance is designed to meet the unique needs of different business owners. If you have questions about commercial insurance and how it can benefit you, call Modern Risk Management in Houston, TX.

Life Insurance for Newlyweds: Building a Financial Foundation Together

As newlyweds embark on this exciting life adventure together, it’s essential to consider how life insurance can play a crucial role in building a solid financial foundation for their future in the Houston, TX area. 

Protecting Each Other’s Financial Interests

One of the primary reasons for getting life insurance as newlyweds is to protect each other’s financial interests. In the event of the untimely death of one spouse, life insurance ensures that the surviving spouse is not left with financial burdens, such as outstanding debts, mortgage payments, or funeral expenses. 

Covering Shared Expenses

As a married couple, you likely have shared financial responsibilities, such as mortgage or rent payments, car loans, and utility bills. Life insurance can help cover these shared expenses if one spouse passes away.

Debt Repayment

Many couples enter marriage with various forms of debt, including student loans, credit card debt, or personal loans. Life insurance can pay off these debts if one spouse dies.

Income Replacement

If both spouses contribute to the household income, losing one income significantly impacts the family’s financial stability. Life insurance can provide a source of income replacement for the surviving spouse, ensuring they can cover daily expenses and maintain their quality of life. 

Planning for Future Goals

Newlyweds often have long-term financial goals, such as buying a home, saving for their children’s education, or planning retirement. Life insurance can help secure these goals by providing a financial cushion that allows the surviving spouse to continue working toward them, even in the absence of their partner. It is the most loving thing they can do for each other. 

Modern Risk Management Can Help You

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