How Does Motorcycle Insurance Work?

If you have a motorcycle, it’s essential that you have a good motorcycle policy on it. If your motorcycle is not yet insured, give us a call right away at Modern Risk Management in Houston, TX to find out more. 

Is Motorcycle Insurance Like Car Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance has many similarities to car insurance, but it also has many differences. One difference is the passengers in a car. A motorcyclist will have passengers far fewer times than a car. Car insurance policies often have protection for passengers, while a motorcycle policy may not. Often, there is a different coverage type that can be purchased for passengers of motorcycles.

Another difference in these policy types is the risk of injuries. Statistically, it is far more likely for you to be injured on a motorcycle than in a car. It is actually 28 times more likely to have a fatality on a motorcycle than in a car when a mile-to-mile comparison is made. For this reason, the injury portion of a motorcycle policy is generally more expensive than it is with a car. 

Damage to the Bike

Damage to a motorcycle is common, so it’s smart to have a motorcycle policy that includes damage to the bike. With this coverage type, you can get your bike repaired or replaced if it is damaged or destroyed by a number of different circumstances. 


If you were to cause an accident or strike a person or object, you would likely be held liable for the damage and injuries. The liability portion of your motorcycle policy would cover these bills up to the policy’s stated maximum. 

Get Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

If you ride a motorcycle, you have to have an insurance policy to cover it. Contact us at Modern Risk Management in Houston, TX to talk to an agent. 

Buy Motorcycle Insurance in Houston!

Nothing feels like freedom quite like taking to the open road on a motorcycle. For motorcycle riders in the Lone Star State, don’t forget to find the perfect coverage to protect you and your bike should an accident occur. Indeed, like auto insurance, having valid motorcycle insurance in place is a requirement for riding on any public roads in the state. If you are casting about for a policy to protect your motorcycle, you should contact the talented team of agents here at Modern Risk Management for all your Houston, TX motorcycle insurance coverage.

Buy Motorcycle Insurance Today

As with any motorized vehicle in Texas, you must show financial responsibility by displaying proof of insurance while riding your motorcycle. A motorcycle insurance policy will protect you and others in the event of an accident that is deemed your fault. 

While minimum coverage legally protects you in the event of an accident, it is important to remember that Texas riders will still be responsible for repairing or replacing your bike. Agents at Modern Risk Management can recommend an array of available options to provide you more coverage. 

Contact Modern Risk Management for the Motorcycle Insurance You Need

Hitting the road to either cross town or cross the country means having the motorcycle insurance you need in case anything terrible happens out on the road. Serving the insurance needs of the greater Houston, TX area, Modern Risk Management has the right policy for the motorcyclist in your home. We understand the unique needs of motorcycle riders in Texas. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff for a free, no-obligation quote to ensure you have the motorcycle insurance coverage you need.