Tips to prepare your boat for a storm

When a storm is brewing here in the Houston, TX area, it’s essential to ensure that your boat is adequately prepared to weather the storm safely. Here are some tips from us at Modern Risk Management to help you get ready: 

  1. Check the forecast before the storm arrives. Knowing what to expect will help you prepare for the worst. 
  2. Secure all loose items on your boat by tying them down or storing them away in secure containers. This will prevent them from damaging your boat or other property during turbulent waters. 
  3. Inspect your vessel for any signs of damage and repair anything that needs attention before the storm hits. 
  4. Check your emergency supplies, such as life jackets, flares, and first aid kits, to ensure they’re up-to-date and ready for use if needed. 
  5. If possible, take your boat to a safe location away from high seas and strong winds before the storm arrives. This will help protect it from any potential damage. 
  6. If you’re unable to move your boat, ensure it’s securely anchored in a sheltered area and tie off all lines to prevent them from chafing or snapping in high winds. 
  7. Pay close attention to changing conditions and warning alerts issued by the National Weather Service. This will help you make an informed decision about when to return to your vessel and assess any potential damage after the storm has passed. 

By following these tips, you can be sure you’ll be prepared when a storm comes knocking at your door! For more tips, call us at Modern Risk Management today. We are proud to serve the Houston, TX area. 

How Much Coverage Do I Need For My Boat?

Purchasing a watercraft is a considerable investment, and it’s crucial that you have sufficient insurance coverage for your vessel. Many boat owners in Houston, TX have difficulty figuring out how much coverage they need for their boats. Here is a guide to how much coverage you need for your boat by experts at Modern Risk Management. 

How Much Coverage Do You Need? 

Property Coverage

Property coverage for boats protects the vessel against theft damage due to sinking or an accident. Your boat will be protected whether it’s on land or water. You have the choice between actual cash value or agreed value (replacement cost coverage) in case your boat is stolen or totaled. Which of the two coverage options you pick will influence the cost of your boat insurance and the settlement amount you will receive from the insurance company later when you file a claim.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance for boats protects against financial liability resulting from your vessel damaging someone else’s property, including another person’s watercraft. It also covers any financial repercussions that may arise from your watercraft injuring someone else. Moreover, it covers damages caused by others to your vessel, such as a large wake, and takes care of your legal fees if you are sued over a matter covered by the policy.

Medical Payments Coverage

This boat insurance coverage will take care of the medical bills if you or the passengers in your vessel are injured in a boating accident.

Uninsured Watercraft Coverage

An uninsured watercraft coverage pays for your medical bills in case an uninsured boater strikes your vessel

Boat Insurance Add-Ons

Depending on your vessel, its use, and other factors, you might need watercraft insurance add-ons. These include boat trailers, special equipment like fishing gear, towing, boating accessories like radar, dock contract liability, ice and freezing, fishing guide coverage, personal property, and mechanical breakdown. 

Are you looking for insurance advice in Houston, TX? The insurance experts at Modern Risk Management are ready to answer all your questions. Call us today.

Insurance For The Hurricane Season

If you live on the Gulf coast, then windstorms and hail are excluded as perils from standard homeowners insurance policies. There are three facets that Modern Risk Management serving Houston, TX, would like you to consider when it comes to hurricane season.

Causes of Damage

A hurricane is a force of nature and can cause damage in a few different ways. They may cause flooding and wind-driven water damage, and there is the possibility of hail. If your standard home insurance policy excludes any of these, you need to purchase additional windstorm and hail insurance and flood insurance.

What is TWIA?

TWIA stands for Texas Wind Insurance Association, and if you live in Harris County on Galveston Bay, you can possibly purchase insurance from them through private insurers. Some requirements need to be met before you can buy insurance from them. You should already have a flood insurance policy in place, and you may be subject to an inspection by a windstorm inspector.

Combination and Preparation!

Living in Houston, TX requires a combined approach to insuring your home and its contents adequately. If possible, you need to combine home insurance, flood insurance, and windstorm and hail insurance. You need to review the covered perils in each policy to make sure you are correctly insured.

Once a hurricane has entered the Gulf, it is too late to get insurance. Hurricane season is from July to November each year, and many homes and assets are at risk. Keep a detailed inventory list and your insurance cards safely, and make sure they are readily available if you have to evacuate quickly.

Speak to Modern Risk Management today and assess your risk when it comes to your home! Don’t be blown out of your home without financial protection.

Do Weekend Fishers Need Boat Insurance?

Going out on a boat for the weekend is often a fun experience for many people, especially those who like fishing. But do these people need boat insurance to protect themselves? Even if they rarely or rarely use their boat? We at Modern Risk Management say that your Houston, TX boat likely needs insurance even if you very rarely go out on the water or only do so on the weekend.

Why You Probably Need Insurance 

Even if you don’t go out fishing all that often on your boat (just a few times every summer when the fish are jumping), you should probably still think about getting boat insurance. Why? This policy is critically important and helps protect you when you need it the most. 

You never know what can happen when you’re on a boat fishing, even if it’s a minor accident that causes your boat to go on shore a little. The scrapes along the bottom of the ship could be intense and could lead to severe issues with your craft that requires intensive repairs that insurance helps repair.

As you can see, the benefits of getting an insurance policy far outweigh the negatives, and you should seriously consider getting one to take care of your watercraft. Doing so will help to give you the long-term protection necessary for your boating experience, even if you only go out on your boat occasionally.

Finding a Policy You Will Like 

If you like going fishing on the weekends and want to keep your boat fully insured and protected, it is good to contact us at Modern Risk Management to learn more. We serve the Houston, TX, area and can provide a myriad of different options. Talk to us to learn more about what we have to offer.

When should someone get boat insurance in Texas?

If you are in the Houston, TX area, owning a boat is a great option. This area of Texas has scorching weather during the summer months, and enjoying the local waterways on your very own boat is one of the best ways to enjoy it. If you do purchase a boat, it is essential that you get the right insurance coverage. There are several reasons why someone here may need to get a full boat insurance policy. 

When Looking to Stay in Insurance Compliance

One situation when someone should get a boat insurance policy is when they want to stay in insurance compliance. For those that are in Texas and own a boat, there are a lot of situations when having full insurance will be necessary. There are many local marinas and waterways that require you to carry insurance, and any boat lender will have requirements that stipulate the type and level of coverage that you need.

When Looking for Asset Protection

Even if you are not obligated by any requirements to carry insurance for your boat, those that want to protect their asset should still do so with an insurance policy. When you take out a boat insurance policy, it is going to give you protection against many situations that could result in a loss, including theft, vandalism, and accident damage. When you get this insurance, it will provide you with the protection that you need.

Those that are looking for boat insurance in Houston, TX should call the team at Modern Risk Management. The insurance team at Modern Risk Management can answer any questions you have about boat insurance. Reach out to our office to learn more about getting started.