Why do I need recreational insurance

Most people have no idea what recreational insurance is. If you are someone who owns a camper or off-road vehicles, you probably aren’t quite sure the best way to insure them. You can insurance them on your home insurance, or auto insurance, neither of these is ideal. At Modern Risk Management in Houston, TX, we would love to sit down with you to discuss the best way to protect yourself and your property. 

The insurance you need for a vehicle that is not on the road is different from one that will be using the state roads and highways. Before you hit the road with your recreational vehicle, you need to have insurance on it. The laws in Texas are very explicit. You need to have the basic amount of liability insurance required by drivers of all types of vehicles. If you have a loan on your recreational vehicle, your lender may have insurance requirements as well. 

It would help if you had recreational insurance to protect yourself and to protect your investment. A recreational vehicle, whether it is a camper or an ATV, is not inexpensive. If you have an accident, repairing or replacing your vehicle is something you will want to do. The difference between recreational and regular auto insurance is that you can add much better protection for your contents, which with your camper can be quite extensive. 

In the offseason, if you are parking your camper for the winter or if it isn’t on the road during the summer but parked in a campground where you visit it like a second home. It can be insured for that. There is plenty of flexibility with recreational insurance that you may not have with typical auto or home coverage. 

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