Does A Non-Running Car Need Insurance?

In Houston, TX, the law states that if you’re operating a car on public roads, you need to carry liability insurance.

If your car isn’t running, whether you’re using it for parts or just waiting till you have the time to restore it, you’re not required to carry any insurance on it until you can get it back on the road.

The big concern is liability. If you cause an accident, you need to be able to pay for any damages that result from that, and since most of us can’t do that out of pocket, that’s where insurance comes in. If your car never leaves your property, then this isn’t really a concern.

Be that as it may, going without insurance means that you won’t be compensated should something happen. Car insurance can help you to repair a car should something happen to it while it’s parked, but if you don’t have insurance, then that’s coming out of your pocket. So if you’re going to leave your non-running car uninsured, you should make sure to keep it somewhere safe like inside your garage or in a carport or in storage. Don’t leave it parked out on the street, or you’re just asking for trouble.

When you’re ready to get that car out on Houston, TX roads again, give Modern Risk Management a call and get set up with a policy that meets your needs. After all, you don’t want to put all that work into restoring a classic car only to have nothing to show for it after an accident. So call or message Modern Risk Management and see what we can do for you.