Do Individuals Who Work From Home Need Commercial Insurance Products?

More and more people are starting side hustles or their own businesses from their own homes. One of the questions that we at Modern Risk Management, serving the greater Houston, TX area, are often asked is whether individuals who work from home need commercial insurance products or whether their home insurance policy will cover their business items stored in their homes. 

Does Home Insurance Cover Business Items That Are Stored or Kept in Your Home? 

Home insurance will not typically cover items that are used as part of a business, even if those items are stored and kept in your home. For example, if you are a voice artist and you have a soundproof room in your home with microphones and other equipment, those items will not be covered by your home insurance policy if there is a fire or a flood. 

Do Individuals Who Work From Home Need Commercial Insurance Products?

Individuals who work from home or operate a business out of their homes likely need commercial insurance products to help protect the value of the business items that are stored in their homes. Commercial insurance can also protect individuals from lawsuits in case there is something wrong with the product, and a consumer is hurt, something home insurance will not cover. 

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If you own your own business, even if it is a business that you operate out of your own home, you likely can benefit from commercial insurance products, as your home insurance policy will not cover your business items in the home. If you are looking for commercial insurance in the greater Houston, TX area, reach out to Modern Risk Management today to learn more or find out which commercial insurance products are most beneficial to you and your business.