Is flood insurance mandatory in Texas?

Almost every major city in Texas, including Houston, TX, is situated in flood-prone areas. Nevertheless, floods can occur anywhere. Therefore, it’s paramount to get formidable flood insurance to avert massive financial ruins related to flood damage. Modern Risk Management is an Agency in Houston, TX that uses modern technology to identify, assess and control threats that can cause accidents and injuries. Due to modernity, most citizens in Texas find it fancy to live in specific areas like along the beach, on islands, and other risk-prone sites. Living near a beach is risky because of the risks associated in the case of floods. Please contact our agents at Modern Risk Management and get flood insurance coverage that meets your needs and budget.

Is Flood Insurance Mandatory in Texas?

In Texas, getting flood insurance is wise, especially when living in flood zone areas. However, it is not against the law to lack flood insurance. Texas doesn’t require homeowners to have flood insurance, but you may be prompted to buy coverage as security for a mortgage or for those residents residing in flood-prone areas. Are you planning to move to a new location? You need to know if it is a flood zone. There are detailed maps online for property owners to survey whether they are living in flood zones. Modern Risk Management is highly rated for providing fast quality flood insurance policies.

Types of Flood Coverages.

1.     Personal property coverage. The flood insurance policy ensures that policyholders in Houston TX get compensation for their personal belongings like clothes and furniture. Also, the electric machines, curtains, and carpets are covered. If you have a valuable item like original artwork, it is also recovered in case of floods. Devastating floods can occur and cause damage to the freezers and any content inside. Worry not. Modern Risk Management is there for you.

2.     Building Property Coverage. Purchasing flood insurance from Modern Risk Management covers electrical and plumbing systems, detached gadgets, fuel tanks, and permanently installed cabinets and paneling. Moreover, window blinds are also included in the coverage. Fuel tanks, pumps, and solar energy equipment are covered. Texas residents have a taste in style and design. Therefore, valuable building properties are protected. 

Prevention is better than cure. Designing a contingency plan in Houston, TX to counter any losses that floods can propagate. It gets costly for fishing personal savings and cash to pay for all the damages associated with flooding. Please call or visit us at Modern Risk Management and get your flood insurance policy today!