Does a Business Operating from My Home Need Insurance Coverage?

All businesses must carry adequate commercial insurance in case of liability, loss, damage, etc. More and more companies are starting from home, and some remain there even after they’ve become established. What are the rules regarding commercial insurance requirements when operating a business from your home in Houston, TX? Here is a brief explanation that could help. 

Location Doesn’t Matter

Regardless of where your business is located, even if it’s located in your home, you must obtain commercial insurance coverage. This is especially true if you have a company vehicle, but liability coverage is essential even if you don’t. You can never predict when someone might sue your business, and if they’re awarded damages, you’ll need to pay out of pocket without insurance. Paying a lawsuit out of pocket could cause you to end up bankrupt, which is only one example of why commercial insurance is important. Before obtaining quotes for commercial insurance coverage, you need to register your business if you haven’t already and get all your business documents in order. Determine what your business is worth in advance, as this will help you ensure you’re obtaining enough coverage. 

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